Thursday, 8 December 2016

Do you have any complaints about the ERP Software used in your company?

Did some fast-talking marketing person sell you an enterprise resource planning software to your company? After you worked with it for some time, you found that there were many bugs in the system and that it was not in full working condition. Even after repeatedly calling up the customer care center, you did not get proper response. This is what happens with most of the small software-based companies that have sprung across the country. They make great promises, but don’t deliver at the essential time. That’s why you should go for experienced companies that have been in the industry for many years. KALS Information System is a leading company in the industry that has been providing reliable software products and services to clients. The company not only promises reliable results, but also has an excellent after-sales service. KALS Information Systems processes complaints as soon as possible, so that your regular work flow is not cut out.

Built using the most advanced tools and technologies, Shine ERP Software is designed for metal manufacturing industries. This highly customizable ERP software system can be adapted to your manufacturing process. In case of any complaints, KALS will immediately respond. The company will send a team of professionals to your work place to check the process and identify the issue. This will be done by the experienced technical experts from KALS.

One of the biggest problems that companies have while setting up a new work management system is data migration. KALS Information System addresses your complaints regarding data transfer and migration at the earliest. This is because the company understands that data is the most valuable asset of the company and can determine the success or failure of any project. Moreover, non-availability of data even for a short span of time can cause delays in production and problems in quality. So, it is important to identify and immediately solve the problems.

KALS will address complaints regarding installation, deployment, and customization of the enterprise resource program. So, you don’t have any worries about using this KALS Shine ERP system in streamlining your company’s manufacturing process.

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