Friday, 30 September 2016

Why choose KALS, for software development services?

In today’s world, every developer in his own field has the urge to be up skilled, and increasingly expects to bring more than just code to an organization. Many superior software development services add the sufficient value to your company by giving their suggestions and also act as a practical source of ideas and information.

With KALS, you get an organization that not only understands the pulse of your target audience but also keeps in mind usability and performance aspects as well. They produce premium quality software on time and cost predictability. They are highly recommended when it comes to using agile development procedures and building high end websites.

With KALS Information Systems Ltd working on your Software-Development services, you will be able to achieve the target within a short time. Their particular Software Development Services enable you to get in competition with the others and they have an excellent track record in providing the niche Software Services to International end-user organizations across various industries such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom, Government, Security and Distribution.

There are three different types of scenarios, where KALS concentrates and works closely to bring the best and produce quality services. They are:

·         Scenarios Application Maintenance
a)       Current software applications not maintained / supported
b)       Functional gaps in the current systems, User requirements not mapped, etc.,
·         Scenarios Application Modernization
a)       Technologies used are obsolete
b)       Preferring a progressive modernization approach instead of a big bang approach, etc.,
·         Scenarios Transition Management
a)        Data Cleansing & Migration from old system to new system
b)        User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the new application, etc.,

KALS Information Systems Ltd is an established software development service provider with successful international, Pan-Asian experiences under their belt.

Their organization believes in treating their clients in a manner similar to how they expect their employees to treat their customers, and this has ensured that there are no KALS complaints to be found on the internet. For further, please venture into http://www.kalsinfo.com/software.php.

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